Can Venus Fly Traps Eat Worms?

While worms are not traditionally on the menu, your Venus Flytraps can eat certain worms. There are certain worms, such as earthworms, which are bad for your Venus Flytrap. Meanwhile, there are other worms, such as mealworms, that are good for them.

The rest of this article is going to cover what worms your Venus Flytrap can and cannot eat. Then we will go step-by-step on how to safely feed these worms to your Venus Flytrap.

Let’s go.

Can Venus Flytraps Eat Worms?

Venus Flytraps will eat worms, which are healthy for them in moderation. In the wild, Venus Flytraps would not eat worms. In the wild, they get almost all of their energy from sunlight. To adapt to poor soil, they adapted to capturing insects to eat. Worms, especially bloodworms, are packed full of nutrients. If an appropriate worm is placed into its mouth, the Venus Flytrap will eat it.

Can Venus Flytraps Eat Live Earthworms?

Venus Flytraps do not typically eat live earthworms, and it is a bad idea to try to feed them to your plant. Earthworms are too big for them, as the worm being fed should not be bigger than 1/3 of the trap eating it. Further, even if you kill and cut the earthworm to size, they can be too nutritious and actually cause harm to your Venus Flytrap.

carnivorous plant -Dionaea muscipula - in a red plant pot, macro color photo

What Kind of Worms Should You Feed Your Venus Flytrap?

Venus Flytraps will thrive if you give them an occasional meal of mealworms or bloodworms. You can feed mealworms alive, but both bloodworms and mealworms are available freeze-dried. If you feed dead worms, there is an extra step of triggering their hair to complete its process of digestion. Live worms may be more like nature, but then you run the risk of them harming your Venus Flytrap.

1. Mealworms (live and dry)

Mealworms are a nutritious snack for your Venus Flytrap. If alive, ensure you keep them in a refrigerator, lest they turn into beetles. Also, for live mealworms, it is best for you to remove their heads, where they cannot chew through your plant. These worms can be fed either live or freeze-dried. These are easily purchased from any pet store.

2. Bloodworms

Bloodworms are easily obtained from any pet store. If they are freeze-dried, you will need to rehydrate them with a few drops of water before feeding them to your plant.

What Kind of Worms Should You Not Feed Your Venus Flytrap?

While there are some worms that your Venus Flytrap will love, there are some you should avoid as well.


Mushy worms like earthworms are not a good option for your Venus Flytrap. They are too big and can be too nutritious for your plant.

Wax Grubworms

Like mealworms, these types of worms turn into moths as they mature. They are high and fat and not healthy for Venus Flytraps.

Lawn Grubworms

These can be too strong for the plant and can force their way out of your Venus Flytrap.


While not worms, caterpillars have similarities, but they should be avoided when you are considering what to feed your Venus Flytrap. Like earthworms, caterpillars can be too nutritious, causing the plant to rot as it tries to digest. Caterpillars are also avid eaters of plants and very well may eat their way out of your plant.

How to Feed Worms to Your Venus Flytrap

Let’s go over how to feed freeze-dried bloodworms to your Venus Flytrap:

  1. Gather your supplies – dried bloodworms, a couple of toothpicks, and forceps
  2. Rehydrate the bloodworms by adding a few drops of water to them
  3. Remove excess water with a paper towel, leaving plump worms
  4. Remove some bloodworms with a toothpick, ensuring it is about 1/3 the size of the trap you want to feed it to
  5. Put the bloodworms inside the plant, ensuring to touch its inside trigger hairs a few times
  6. Remove the toothpick and the trap will be closed, but not sealed
  7. Take the forceps and press on each side of the trap, making sure you press softly enough so as to not damage the plant (if you don’t have forceps, you can gently use toothpicks or your fingers)
  8. Wait 30 minutes to 1 hour and repeat Step 7
  9. It should begin digestion
  10. If after 24 hours the bloodworms are still undigested, add a few drops of water and try again


Want to feed your Venus Flytrap something besides crickets and flies? Now you know your options when it comes to worms and how to feed dried bloodworms to your Venus Flytrap.

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