About Us Here At Soak And Soil

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you more about us, the new authors here at Soak And Soil.com!

We are busy in the background preparing the conversion to a full website with a blog. We are transferring many of the original posts, creating new content, and combining some topic in to single pages where they are about the same subject.

We also have the goal of making the navigation easier to follow, so you can find your favourite content faster. We will be sharing snippets of the new format in the next month, as well as explain more on where the main focus will be: Container gardens for aspiring green thumbs urbanites.

We live in a city and have limited space to grow a garden, but it has not diminished our passion for growing! We simply use the spaces we have, with the containers we have, to grow the flowers, plants, vegetables, and herbs to create our own mini nature reserve at home.

Meet The Authors

Hello, welcome and thank you for your interest about us folks here at Soak And Soil!

We are simple hobby gardeners passionate about growing plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables in our urban setting.

Aside from the original creator and founder of Soak and Soil, the content is written by a father and daughter team residing in Ottawa, Canada.

Jeff Current

I became interested in gardening just over 15 years ago, learning the basics with an outdoor container garden, and then progressing to an outdoor raised bed growing vegetables and herbs. During the winter I experimented with hydroponic gardening in the basement, in order to have fresh vegetables and herbs year-round. 

The more I failed the more I tried, and I became hooked on the  harvesting my own food.

Looking to retire from my career as a Project Manager in the construction industry, I saw this opportunity to purchase the SoakandSoil.com and combine my love of growing vegetables with the potential of internet based income, while involved in something I am keenly passionate about.

Partnering with SoloBuildIt! to provide the technical back-end, was a good decision, as it allowed me to focus on the content that I wanted to see. That is the short story on why I have embarked on the SoakandSoil.com journey!

Thalie Current

I became interested in gardening in a more gradual way. It started with helping my grandmother plant her flowers in the spring and really enjoying my time talking and playing around in the dirt. They are some of my most treasured memories and will always be. A couple years in the future and I’m planting my own plants at home and helping my dad grow our backyard garden!

In between the gardening hobby, after high school, I worked as a custom furniture woodworker for a good year and a half. I still do on the side and have delved into different arts, recently being wood burning! I also draw, paint, sculpt, and a bunch of other artsy stuff, whatever I discover and can get my hands on! 

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