4 Ways To Tell If Your Air Plant Is Dead

Air plants require little care. However, if yours are drooping, discolored, or shriveled, they may require special attention. Fortunately, revitalizing air plants is not difficult. Two simple remedies are trimming off the dead, damaged branches or soaking the plant in water. Continue reading to learn more about the tell-tale signs to determine whether your air plant is … Read more

3 Foolproof Ways To Save An Overwatered Air Plant

Surprisingly, overwatering kills more air plants than under-watering. If the bottom of your Tillandsia appears dark and slime, it has been overwatered. Instead of dipping or bathing your air plant in a bath, consider watering it with a spray bottle to avoid overwatering. To prevent overwatering, make sure your air plant is completely dry between watering. … Read more

Are Air Plants Safe For Bearded Dragons?

Tillandsia, often known as air plants, are an excellent low-maintenance plant to keep in your reptile’s enclosure because they only grow 2 to 4 inches tall. They also require very little water. Simply spray the air plants in your reptile cage with a spray bottle once every two weeks. Continue reading to find out if … Read more

Do Air Plants Attract Bugs (& What To Do About It)

Air plants can make a wonderful addition to any indoor plant collection. Like any plant, certain conditions like extreme wetness and negligence can impact how a plant responds to pests. Air plants are particularly vulnerable to mealybugs and scale insects. With proper care and preventive measures, plant parents can usually treat air plant pest infestation … Read more

Are Air Plants Toxic To Cats?

There are about 400 distinct varieties of air plants, none of which are harmful to humans or animals. As a result, your cats, dogs, and other furry pets will be safe with these plants. However, because air plants contain sharp and pointed leaves that might induce choking, you should keep them out of their reach.  … Read more

6 Reasons Your Air Plant Is Turning Brown

Browning leaf tips in air plants are ubiquitous, which may be due to specific species’ physical characteristics, leaves getting sunburned, or not enough watering. The leaf tips of air plants are very often susceptible to browning, especially those with delicate, wispy leaves like T. Fuchsii v Gracilis or T. Ionantha. Slight browning of leaf tips … Read more

Do Air Plants Die After Flowering

Air plants usually die after flowering, however, they die after giving life to two to eight pups, depending upon the species. Air plants also bloom once in a lifetime, which indicates that they will die soon. After the flowering period of air plants, they start fertilizing and form new pups. The mother air plant gives … Read more

How To Care For Air Plants On Wood

Air plants are beautiful and fascinating, but looking after one can seem a little intimidating. Without the presence of your trusty pot of soil, it can be hard to figure out exactly what you need to do to make sure that your plant is going to be safe and healthy. This is perhaps even more … Read more