Why Are Your Habaneros Still Green


If your Habaneros are still green, it could be that they haven’t had enough time to ripen, or they are green Habaneros. You can store them on a sunny windowsill or pop them into a brown paper bag with other ripe fruit to hurry the ripening process along. If you’re still unsure about your green … Read more

How Long Can Habanero Plants Live


Are you considering growing your own Habanero plant? If you are, you have probably wondered how to take care of them and how long do they live?  There are many things that affect how long a habanero plant can live. Generally, they live three to five years. However, with proper and careful care, they can … Read more

Why Are Your Serrano Peppers Turning Black


Growing flavorful serrano peppers is not always easy. Some gardeners struggle with their serrano peppers having black spots. Black spots on serrano peppers can be a sign that your garden is infected with plant-killing bacteria. Or, it could be a simple case of dirty plants. The remainder of this article will discuss what it means … Read more

Can You Repot Habanero Plants?


Habanero plants can be repotted. The process is fairly uncomplicated. With a little help from our guide, you’ll have them in their new pot in no time. Read on to see how.  Can You Repot Habanero Plants? Habanero plants can and should be repotted if they have outgrown their pots or if you are starting … Read more

When To Harvest Jalapeno Peppers

The Jalapeno pepper has been a staple chile pepper in culinary dishes worldwide for hundreds of years. The first known use of the pepper was by the Aztecs in the Veracruz, Mexico region. Americans in the Southwestern part of the United States have been recorded using the jalapeno pepper for hundreds of years since the … Read more

What Size Pot For Habaneros

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Habanero peppers are an excellent super spicy addition to a host of tasty dishes. So, if you love this kind of cuisine, it only makes sense to grow them for yourself. But, if you don’t have a space to grow things outdoors, what size pot will you need for a Habanero plant? At least a … Read more

Why Are Your Serrano Peppers Turning Red?


When a pepper becomes ripe, it becomes dark red. Serranos will become darker the longer you let them grow naturally. Vine growing also assists in spiciness and flavorful foods. Your serrano pepper should be ready to harvest after roughly sixty days of growing. However, at around seventy to ninety days, you may notice they will begin … Read more

How To Grow Hydroponic Habanero Peppers (Complete Guide)

How To Grow Hydroponic Habanero Peppers

If you’re wondering how to grow hydroponic habanero peppers then you’ve come to the right article. You’ll find out everything you need to know about growing habaneros hydroponically such as lighting, nutrient and spacing requirements as well as much more! So keep reading to find out everything you need to know! What Will You Need … Read more