Can I Harvest Rhubarb In September?

Yes, you can harvest rhubarb in September. The rhubarb plant is a perennial vegetable that typically produces ripe stalks from early spring to July. After harvesting, the plants will use the ample energy they have stored up to grow new petioles for the following year’s growth. It is possible to continue harvesting later into the … Read more

When Is Rhubarb Too Old To Use?

Have you ever wondered, when is rhubarb too old to eat? Throughout this article we’ll delve into everything you need to know about rhubarb, including correct storage, freshness, and the best time to eat this delicious vegetable. Canada rhubarb has a prime harvesting season in early spring. This is when it is most juicy and … Read more

How To Grow Thick Rhubarb Stalks

How to grow which rhubarb stalks is a question which many home growers ask, as sometimes it may seem difficult to do so. But this article tells you how to grow thick rhubarb stalks by forcing them in late winter, how to harvest them in the spring and summer, and some advice on how to … Read more

Rhubarb Growing Problems

Rhubarb can be pretty frustrating to grow. But if done correctly, then you will have this lush, sweet tasting vegetable, which you can use in all sorts of dishes and desserts. On the one hand, if you ignore it completely, and just sort of let nature take its course, you almost always end up with … Read more

Can You Grow Rhubarb In Pots?

Plenty of people love to grow a bit of rhubarb in their garden, knowing that once they get this, sometimes frustrating to start plant going, it can produce crops for 10 years (or more) with almost no real hands on help whatsoever. But can you grow rhubarb in pots? The trick is starting your rhubarb … Read more