6 Reasons Your Aloe Vera Stem Is Long (& What To Do)

Aloe Veras are beautiful green plants with triangular leaves. They have a unique, beautiful structure. Their color is simple and fits in both minimalist and colorful environments. The shape of these plants brings valuable geometry to a space. Similarly, the shape of the plant can suggest if there is something your plant needs. One way you … Read more

5 Ways To Save A Bonsai Tree With Trunk Rot

While Bonsai trunk rot is a horrible thing to see on your tree,  it’s not necessarily a death knell. It typically starts with ‘spongey’ bark and can get worse quickly, but if you know what to look for, then quite often, you can minimize and possibly halt the damage to save your tree. In today’s … Read more

6 Reasons Your Juniper Bonsai Needles Drying Out

Bonsai needles drying out could be due to overwatering, underwatering, or keeping your Juniper Bonsai indoors when Juniper should be placed outdoors. The Bonsai may also need to be repotted or fertilized.  Juniper Bonsais are generally hearty plants and adapt well to Bonsai. They tolerate a variety of conditions fairly well, but Bonsai trees, in … Read more

5 Reasons Your Bonsai Leaves Are Turning Yellow

Bonsai trees turning yellow is probably due to overwatering or underwatering. Other reasons might include inadequate light, over-pruning, repotting, or keeping a tree indoors when it should be grown outdoors. Growing a Bonsai tree takes patience, practice, and keen powers of observation. Bonsai thrive in the right conditions, but it is sometimes difficult to tell … Read more