How To Support Peas When Growing?

If you’re wondering how to support peas when growing, then you’ve come to the right place. This article advises on preparing the soil, choosing a suitable variety, and setting up supports. Planting peas is a great way to get started in gardening, and even kids can do it. Peas are an excellent starter plant for … Read more

How Long Do Peas Take to Grow?

Have you ever wondered how long do peas take to grow? Well, peas take about 10-14 days to germinate and 4-6 weeks to grow to maturity. Once the peas have germinated, you will need to keep the soil moist until they start to sprout. The peas will grow quickly in warm soil but may not … Read more

What To Do With Sweet Peas When Finished Flowering?

Sweet peas are popular plants that produce beautiful flowers and have a sweet fragrance. These plants are not difficult to grow but care should be taken when growing them. What to do with sweet peas when finished flowering? Once sweet peas have stopped flowering, you should cut them, leaving the roots alone. Read on to … Read more

How Tall Do Sweet Peas Grow?

Sweet peas will make any garden fragrant and rich in color, but how tall do sweet peas grow? Since sweet peas are climbers, they can grow pretty tall, which can be helped or hindered based on how you maintain these beautiful flowers.  Generally, sweet peas can grow between one and two meters, or 3 to … Read more