Are Peace Lilies Air Purifiers? (The Famous Nasa Study)

You may have heard before that peace lilies are air purifiers. But how true is this? In this article, not only will you find out whether peace lilies are air purifiers or not, but you’ll also learn everything there is to know about this wonderful flower!

So Are Peace Lilies Air Purifiers?

It turns out that the rumors are true. Peace Lilies are great air purifiers, and they’re actually one of the only few plants capable of removing 5 different types of household chemicals commonly found in the air!

According to NASA!

How Do Peace Lilies Clean The Air?

Peace lilies clean the air by absorbing pollutants that are floating around through their leaves. Once these pollutants and chemicals are in the leaves, they are then transported through the stem into the roots, where they are released into the soil. Once in the soil, these chemicals and pollutants are then eaten by microbes.

However, it’s not just the plants themselves that absorb chemicals and pollutants. The topsoil of your pot can as well. The more topsoil that’s exposed, the more pollutants can be trapped and broken down too! You can increase the rate at which this happens by trimming away the bottom leaves of your peace lily and allowing direct contact between the air and the topsoil.

What Toxins Do Peace Lilies Remove?

There were 6 main common toxins that were tested by NASA, and peace lilies were able to remove all of them to some degree. The toxins that were confirmed as being removed were:

  • Benzene – A common chemical found in glue, paint, furniture wax, thinners, detergents and varnish removers.
  • Formaldehyde – A common preservative in most cleaning products such as soaps, shampoos, and detergents.
  • Trichloroethylene – An ingredient found in household products like cleaning wipes, aerosol cleaning products, tool cleans, paint removers, spray adhesives, carpet cleaners and spot removers.
  • Xylene And Toluene Often used in paint, fingernail polish, lacquers, paint thinners, and rubber and plastic cements.
  • Ammonia – And lastly, ammonia. Which is commonly found in floor polishing wax, furniture polish, drain cleaners, toilet and bathroom cleaners, multisurface cleaners, glass cleaners, oven cleansers and steel cleaners.

As you can see, so many of these chemicals are found in day-to-day products, and a lot of them are even carcinogenic.

How Much Air Does A Peace Lily Clean?

It’s though that peace lilies are able to improve indoor air quality by as much as 60%. And as well as removing chemicals from the air, they also remove mold spores as well!

So they are definitely a great plant to consider if you plan on getting an air-purifying plant!

How Many Peace Lilies Are Needed To Clean The Air?

It is believed that it would take two good-sized peace lilies for every 9.3 square meters of indoor space. And of course, the bigger and leafier the plant is, the more effective it will be at removing pollutants.

However, trying to work out how many peace lilies you need isn’t an exact science, and no one has a guaranteed answer!


Here are some more commonly asked questions about peace lilies and their air cleaning properties!

Do Peace Lilies Remove Mold Spores?

Peace lilies will remove mold spores in your home as well, as any milder than may be present. The peace lily will once again absorb these spores through its leaves, transport them through their stem before the roots release them into the soil, where microbes will eat them.

Will A Peace Lily Be Better Than An Air Purifier

Better is definitely a relative term here. While air purifiers are going to remove more impurities than peace lilies, they can often be unsightly. Peace lilies are therapeutic and make the room look nicer

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 So it’s all personal preference.

Do Peace Lilies Improve Air Quality?

Peace lilies are going to improve air quality in a number of ways. First of all, they’re going to remove pollutants and spores, and on top of this, they’re also going to increase the amount of moisture in the air as well.

And the more their topsoil is exposed, the more the air quality will be improved.

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As you can see, peace lilies are great air purifiers and are great plants to care for in general! If you wanted to keep a peace lily for their air-purifying qualities, or just in general, then I’d definitely recommend them!

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