25 Tips On How To Take Care Of A Venus Flytrap

When it comes to carnivorous plants, none are more iconic than the Venus flytrap, otherwise known as Dionaea muscipula. These beautiful meat-eaters are a favorite for the home, but they need a bit of specialty care that is slightly different from your standard houseplant. This article will tell you everything you need to know about … Read more

6 Reasons Your Venus Fly Trap Is Turning Black

It is normal for venus flytraps to turn black when they suffer from a lack of nutrients, especially during winter when they go through their winter dormancy. During winter dormancy, the plant begins dying as it copes with nutrient deficiencies. There are many other instances where the Venus flytrap struggles with nutrient deficiency, thus causing its … Read more

Venus Flytrap Lighting Guide

The beautiful and intriguing Venus Flytrap is one of the most particular, finicky, and high-maintenance plants to care for. This is especially true when it comes to lighting, climate, and temperature. It likes warmth but not too hot. It enjoys humid, boggy conditions, but the heat will kill it. The trick is in the lighting, … Read more

14 Steps To Growing Venus Flytraps From Seeds

Venus Flytraps can be grown through flower propagation, root dividing, and, more satisfyingly, by seed. When growing a Venus flytrap from seeds, you must use the correct type of soil and control variables such as light, humidity, and temperature. Unlike other plant species, Venus Flytrap seeds will not germinate if they are buried. Instead, Venus … Read more

4 Ways To Tell If Your Air Plant Is Dead

Air plants require little care. However, if yours are drooping, discolored, or shriveled, they may require special attention. Fortunately, revitalizing air plants is not difficult. Two simple remedies are trimming off the dead, damaged branches or soaking the plant in water. Continue reading to learn more about the tell-tale signs to determine whether your air plant is … Read more