5 Reasons A Peace Lily Flower Turns Brown (& What To Do)

If you notice that your peace lily flower is turning brown, then you may be wondering what you’ve done wrong. While most of the time, it’s not something that you’ve done, there are times when you can do a few things to fix the issue!

So if you’re wondering why your peace lily flower is turning brown, and more importantly, what you can do about it, wonder no more! In this article, you’re going to find out everything you want to know!

Why Is Your Peace Lily Flower Turning Brown?

Here are all the different reasons that your peace lily flower might be turning brown.

Old Age

Unfortunately, the most common reason that your peace lily flower has turned brown is that it’s simply the aging process. As your peace lily ages, it will turn from green to white, to brown, and then eventually to black.

Sadly, this is just a part of the blooming process, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it!

Temperature Fluctuations

Temperature fluctuations can be another reason that your peace lily flower has begun to turn from white to brown. As well as the flower itself turning brown, you may also notice the leaves turning brown, too, when this is the case.

Overwatering/Underwatering/Wrong Water

You should also make sure you aren’t overwatering or underwatering your plant too. Either can cause the plant’s flower to turn brown as well as its leaves. And on the subject of water, if you’re using water straight from the tap, then it’s going to be full of harmful chemicals that could turn your peace lily brown too.

The Light Is Too Bright

Peace lilies are known for being low-light plants. If the light they’re receiving is too bright, then it’s going to scorch the flower and the leaves, potentially turning them brown in color.


Lastly, while it’s unlikely, it could be the case that pests are damaging the flower of your peace lily and turning it brown. Thrips, for example, are known to puncture the flower of peace lilies in order to drink the contents inside.

So you should have a good look around your plant to make sure there aren’t any pests feeding on them.

However, remember in the vast majority of cases, brown flowers are simply caused by old age. While it’s possible for any of the other things mentioned above to affect your peace lilies flower, in most cases, it will be the leaves that are affected.

White flowers of Spathiphyllum isolated on a black background

How To Deal With Your Peace Lilies Flower Turning Brown?

If your peace lilies flower is turning brown, and it isn’t due to old age, fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to get your plant happy and healthy again! However, if it is due to old age, there isn’t much more you can do for your plant.

Keep Them Somewhere The Temperature Is Steady

When deciding where to place your peace lily, you should put them somewhere the temperature will remain stable. So avoid open windows, near radiators, or direct sunlight (not only because the light is too strong, but also because the heat will be too much.)

And when you’re looking for an area to keep them, make sure the temperature is between 68 to 85°F.

Water Them Correctly

You should also make sure you are giving your peace lilies the right amount of water as well. To do this, when you’re about to water them poke your finger into the soil. If you notice at the first knuckle the soil is moist, then your peace lilies won’t need watering. However, when you notice the soil is dry, it’s time to water them again.

Make Sure There’s Proper Drainage

As well as watering correctly, you should also make sure your peace lily has proper drainage as well. To do this, you need to choose the right potting soil and make sure the pot you use has enough drainage in the bottom.

Also, if you plan on keeping the pot in a saucer, you’ll also need to remove any excess water from the saucer to ensure the soil in the pot doesn’t become waterlogged.

Alternatively, you can just hang the peace lily and let water drain out naturally.

Find A Spot With The Right Amount Of Light

If you think the sun has scorched your peace lily, then you’re going to need to find a better spot for them to grow. To do this, you want the perfect balance between not too much light and not too little light. But getting this balance is actually surprisingly easy.

Once you’ve found the spot you want to put your peace lily, you should hold your hand in front of the light. If you notice that your shadow is really dark, it’ll be too bright for your peace lily. However, if you notice that the shadow is too faint, it’s not going to be enough light. All you have to do is find the balance between these two things.

And if you plan on keeping your peace lily in an area with no light, you should make sure they’re getting 16-18 hours a day of good fluorescent light.

Remove Any Pests

And lastly, you’ll need to remove any pests that you notice on your peace lily. The easiest way to do this is to remove them by hand. But this only works when there are a few. When you notice a lot of pests, then you may need to use stronger measures. For example, neem oil or dishwashing soap mixed with water makes an excellent repellent.

Just make sure when you’re spraying it on your plants, you absolutely cover it, including the undersides, so there’s no area where the pests can survive.

Should You Remove A Brown Flower?

Removing brown lowers from your peace lily will enable it to use nutrients and energy in growing, instead of wasting it on the flower which is already dying.

To remove the flower, follow it right down to the stalk and then use a pair of disinfected scissors to cut it off. Make sure you don’t try pulling at your flower or twisting it off, as this can often end up damaging the flower.

How Long Do Peace Lily Flowers Last?

Peace lily flowers tend to last about a month; however, with the right care, it’s also possible for a peace lily to survive for over 2 months! So with the right amount of care, this is also possible for your peace lilies as well!

If you want you’re thinking of ways how to get your lily to flower, this article can help!


As you can see, the main reason that your peace lily flower has started to turn brown is because it is simply getting to that age where it’s time for it to die off. However, while it’s uncommon, you should make sure that something else isn’t causing brown flowers also, just to be safe!

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