5 Reasons Your Aloe Vera Is Turning Yellow

Yellowing aloe leaves are most often caused by overwatering. Aloe should only be watered when the top three-quarters of the soil is dry. Other reasons for yellow aloe vera leaves are inadequate drainage, poor soil, exposure to cold, and root rot.  Aloe is a hearty succulent that thrives in a wide variety of conditions, which … Read more

6 Fixes For An Aloe Vera Plant Turning Orange

If you grow Aloe Vera in your garden or in your house, you must have noticed one thing; the leaves of the plant sometimes turn orange because of seemingly inexplicable reasons. Aloe Vera’s leaves turn orange when they’re sunburnt, exposed to harsh and cold weather, under-watered, or over-watered. Leaving your plant in the sunlight for … Read more

Can Brown Aloe Vera Turn Green Again?

Sun bleaching and nutrient deprivation are the two most common reasons an aloe vera plant turns brown. Luckily, proper maintenance can rejuvenate the discoloration of your aloe leaves and help turn your plants green again. When your aloe vera plant turns brown, establish a good watering routine, remove it from direct sunlight, and evaluate your … Read more

6 Reasons Your Aloe Vera Is Turning Brown

The most common reason for an Aloe to develop brown leaves is overwatering. Aloe only needs water every 2-4 weeks, or even less in the winter months. Other causes include poor soil conditions, low light, pests and disease, cold temperatures, or over-fertilizing.  If your Aloe Vera leaves are turning brown or developing brown spots, or … Read more

Cactus Soil For Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe is a succulent that requires coarse, gritty soil with significant drainage and aeration. Premixed Succulent or cactus soil is generally adequate for Aloe. You can make your own Aloe Vera soil with a blend of potting soil, gravel or coarse sand, and perlite or pumice. If you are the new owner of an Aloe … Read more