Are Venus Fly Traps Poisonous?

The world of plants is diverse. Some are colorful; some are green. Some are viewed as cute, while some, well, let’s just say…unique. One of them is the infamous Venus Fly Trap. Due to their threatening looks, Venus Fly Traps usually get negative impressions from people. Some think that these plants are scary little monsters … Read more

Peace Lily With Yellow Leaves

Peace Lilies have always been great starter indoor plants for those who want to begin their plant care journey, and this is for a good reason. They are easy to maintain and require very minimal care from their owners. However, this doesn’t mean that they are immune from plant issues. Sometimes, you may notice that … Read more

African Violet Stem Turning Brown

African violets are exquisite indoor plants that are popularly known for their vividly colored flowers, fuzzy leaves, and their ability to brighten up any room they are in. These perennial plants are low-maintenance and easy to grow. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t experience problems with African Violets. Just like any other plant, they … Read more

How Much Light Do Peace Lilies Need?

A peace lilies lighting requirements can often be confusing. It seems like if you keep them in the sun for too long, they start to die, and if you don’t give them enough light, they seem to get sick too! So finding the perfect balance can be confusing. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry anymore. … Read more