Top 10 Best Microgreen Growing Trays (What’s Right For You)

Some folks think they cannot garden because they live in nontraditional gardening spaces like apartments or places with low light but with microgreen gardening trays, the gardening comes to you! Use this list of the top ten best microgreen trays to find the perfect tray for you and get started on your microgreen growing adventure!

Growing microgreens using trays is more convenient than ever! This list of the top ten best microgreen trays puts together the absolute best microgreen trays on the market so you can grow the best greens you have ever eaten –right from inside the comfort of your home!

From the highest tech to the best bang for your buck, all these microgreen trays are worth the money and highly recommended! Continue reading to figure out why the following microgreen trays are among the top ten greatest microgreen trays on the market!

What To Look For In Microgreen Trays

Purchasing the wrong microgreen tray can be majorly problematic because only one wrong mistake and your gardening experience can go from fun and relaxing to a total burden! If you accidentally buy the wrong depth, you might find yourself pulling clumps of dirt from your tub when it comes harvest time instead of simply snipping along your tray’s edge.

Luckily, the best trays are only a few clicks away! Here are the important qualities you should look for the next time you are searching for a potential microgreen tray:

Microgreen Tray Durability

Ideally, you want very durable trays for growing microgreens. Durable microgreen trays make harvesting your microgreens a breeze and guarantee consistent watering for all your crops!

A durable tray will withstand transportation and can hold up against multiple uses. Cheap, flimsy trays sag over time which leads to uneven watering. Durable trays are built to last with plastic that resists warping especially when placed in direct sunlight!

The “Standard” Size

The standard size tray is 10” x 20”. This is typically the size tray you want to look for since it will give you the most yield and is the most uniform among the microgreen growing community. If you are a beginner, you will grow accustomed to these measurements soon enough.

Furthermore, the depth of your tray can help determine how convenient this tray will be for you to harvest from. Generally, it is easier to harvest microgreens from shallow trays because you can see the division between your soil and roots more clearly.

Additionally, shallow trays tend to take up less space. That means, less space to fill with soil which costs less money, and less room on your shelves or gardening area! The more room you have, the more greens you can grow!

High Moisture Retention

Since your microgreens need moisture to thrive, the ideal tray should have good moisture retention. This means there are no drainage holes at the bottom, the bottom of the tray is even and does not collect at the corners, sides, or middles, and if possible, your tray offers a lid attachment that can help manage the humidity levels of your greens!

Positive Online Microgreen Tray Reviews

The easiest way to guarantee that the microgreen tray you want is reliable is to check the recommendations online. I suggest turning to YouTube where you can see endless videos of fellow gardeners recommending or warning you against your potential tray.

Or try reading online microgreen tray reviews! The best part about online microgreen tray reviews is that the people who make them know what they are talking about. Not many people will sit around in their spare time and write reviews about microgreen trays!

How Many Seeds Per Tray

Every crop is different which is why the number of seeds will vary but usually, small seeds require half the amount large seeds do. In general, most small seeds will only need around ¼ cup of seeds per 10 x 20 tray and large seeds need ½ cup per 10 x 20!

Since microgreen farming requires complete coverage, it is much more efficient to use a measuring cup (or similar measuring tool) to measure the number of seeds for your mini garden and sprinkle them across generously.

Beginner microgreen tray kits on Amazon will sometimes contain very convenient seed trays which simplify the planting process. These seed packets have already measured and spread out seeds accordingly and because of their unique wrapping may even help you with the germination process!

Top Ten Best Microgreen Trays

The top ten best microgreen trays will simplify your microgreen growing experience and help you grow the most delicious, nutritious crops possible! End the cycle of constant tray buying and make flimsy microgreen trays outdated and buy one of the top ten best microgreen trays!

Our microgreen trays ensure every microgreen farmer, whether that means apartment dweller or ranch owner, will yield the best, most abundant crops year-round! Check out our list and buy your new, safe, and long-lasting microgreen tray now!

SHEING Seed Sprouter Tray

The SHEING Seed Sprouter Tray is a seed sprouter that can be used to grow microgreens from the comfort of your home! This is an excellent choice if you have grown microgreens in the past and want to try a new way of growing your greens!

Pro: Design

  • Shallow
  • Colorful

SHEING seed sprouter is the perfect, shallow seed tray that is durable and light enough to support the weight of your harvest without the worry of your plastic bending or breaking. Even more important, this thick, colorful plastic is BPA-free and completely safe to grow your consumable food in!

Con: Functionality

  • Microgreens require dirt and sprouts do not
  • Not meant for Microgreens
  • Results may vary

The one major flaw of the SHEING Seed Sprouter Tray is in its name: it is a sprouter tray, not a microgreen tray. That does not mean it cannot be used for microgreens though!

Many growers have used these trays to grow microgreens which is why this multipurpose seed tray cannot go unrecognized as one of the best microgreen trays. Because it is atypical, I suggest trying it out with creative intentions and check out other guides for help!

Pro: Price

  • Affordable
  • Additional deals online

The SHEING Seed Sprouter is affordable, and you certainly get your money’s worth! For less than $20, you get a five-pack of BPA-free seed sprouting tracks. This is an absolute bargain compared to competitors which go for more than $50 for the same amount!

Plus, on Amazon, Prime members can get free, next-day delivery and exclusive coupons which save them up to an additional 15% off!

Wrap up:

  • Trays are durable
  • You get a good amount for your money
  • Find additional deals and discounts on

True Leaf Market Quality Grow Trays

True Leaf Market is a passionate seed company that has worked since 1974 to pass along their gardening expertise through high-quality farming products like the True Leaf Market Quality Grow Trays which can withstand any type of season-to-season use.

The plastic growth trays at True Leaf are among the top-rated plastic microgreen growing trays on the market and continue to be a leader in affordability which is one of the many reasons why they are one of the top ten best microgreen trays!

Pro: Size

  • Standard size

The True Leaf Quality Grow Tray is 10” x 20”, which is standard among the microgreen growing community. That means your garden will remain uniform moving forward whether this set is your first of many or is a new addition to your already existing garden!

Because of the small size, it is likely you will fit more trays in your apartment or greenhouse than expected. In fact, because True Leaf Market’s gardening tray is so shallow, there is always a place for it!

Pro: Price

  • Affordable
  • Great Deals!

True Leaf Company sells multi-packs which come in money-saving sets of 5, 10, 50, and even 100 all for under $130! That just goes to show True Leaf is not messing around when it comes to giving the best deals!

Con: None

There are few cons about the True Leaf Market Quality Grow Trays. They have diverse options, great deals, and most importantly, these trays are reusable.

Wrap up:

  • Great deals!
  • With holes or without holes!
  • Eco-friendly company

Living Whole Foods

Living Whole Foods is an online, microgreen retailer that supplies one of the top ten best microgreen trays ever! These matte black trays are made of reusable plastic and come in packs of ten or more!

Pro: Price

  • Affordable
  • Bulk-buying available

The Living Whole Foods tray is affordable, at less than $20 for a pack of 5! Amazon Prime members can also receive free, next-day shipping and other Prime benefits like additional coupons on top of already discounted prices!

Additionally, Living Whole Food has its trays available in bulk options. The fact that you can purchase these microgreens trays in bulk is a major benefit since a lot of competitors do not! Living Whole Foods sells 100 tray packs for less than $130!

Con: Size


  • Larger than standard size

The dimensions of a Living Whole Foods plant growing trays are 22” x 12” which is larger than a standard growing tray. This is not necessarily the biggest deal but it can be problematic for those who like uniformity in their growing areas.

Pro: Design


  • Durable

The Living Whole Foods reusable tray is one of the best microgreens growing trays because it can withstand multiple uses without taking up any wear and tear. You might notice on other trays that after their second or third use they start to become flimsy but not Living Whole Foods’ trays.

Wrap up:


Yield Lab Propagation Tray

Pro: Design

  • Standard size
  • Shallow

Yield Lab makes their Propagation Trays out of the most durable, lightweight plastic around. The sizing is standard 10” x 20” which means it will look great in your nursery once you have filled it with other trays!

Even better, the trays are heat resistant so you can leave them in the sun or under an artificial heat lamp without worrying that they will melt!

Unlike other brands which can be too deep and make harvesting your crops difficult, Yield Lab’s shallow design caters to the grower’s harvesting needs and makes each microgreen harvest easier than before!

Con: Options

  • No color choices

Yield Lab has created an overall great product; however, they have failed to provide something else: color choices! This is one of the best microgreen trays and sadly Yield Lab only comes in black.

If they could come up with a growing tray of the same quality in multiple colors, that would really set their brand over the top! Still, Yield Lab is a fantastic supplier for propagation trays!

Pro: Price

  • Great price

At less than $20 for a pack of 5 micro-growing trays, the Yield Lab microgreen growing tray comes at a great price point! In fact, it is one of the cheapest options on our list!

Wrap up:

  • Durable
  • Reasonable price!
  • The microgreen tray is shallow

HAMAMA Microgreen Starter Kit

Hamama is known for creating the best gardening tools in the microgreening community. In their affordable Starter Kit, beginners learn how to microgreen in their very own, personal microgreen trays.

The Hamama microgreen starter kit is the perfect microgreen tray for beginners. From your sturdy growing tray all the way to a detailed grower’s guide, the Hamama Starter Kit is made to get you growing delectable food in no time!

Pro: Design

  • Compact
  • Decorative options

Hamama built a sleek 12” x 6.5” tray which uses seed quilts to create the most convenient microgreen garden ever! There are few other microgreen trays like this on the market.

Hamama also has separate frames available which you can use to decorate your crops like their bamboo frame which adds a very light and pleasant feel to your growing experience!

Con: Bulk Buying

  • Trays cannot be purchased in bulk
  • Seeds cannot be purchased in bulk
  • Starter Kit contains only one Hamama tray

Hamama does not let customers purchase their trays in bulk. Instead, start with their Hamama Starter Kit where you will get one of their Hamama trays and then purchase additional sets of two (the maximum amount) on the side.

Similarly, you typically cannot purchase your seeds in bulk which is aggravating. Seed quilts can only be purchased in small quantities direct from the supplier and can become expensive if you find bulk suppliers.

Pro: Durable

  • Tray is durable

The Hamama tray inside your Starter Kit is durable and long-lasting! If you are a fellow grower who is way too familiar with tray breakage, buying a durable brand like Hamama is a must. You can use your Hamama tray plenty of times without ever damaging it at all!

Con: Price

  • Expensive trays

Hamama produces reliable and quality products which is why it should come as no surprise that their prices can be a little high. Their products are worth the price, though!

Pro: Seeds

  • Hamama uses seeding quilts
  • Seeds are top-quality

Hamama uses convenient quilts for reseeding which guarantee consistent and top-quality crop growth. These seeding quilts simplify the gardening process and make it fun for a person of almost any age to try!

Con: Color Options

  • No additional color options are available
  • The default matte is decent

There is a limited amount of tray color options provided by Hamama which is very disappointing. As someone who enjoys color coding their greens, it was difficult for me to adjust to this all-black design. I will admit, the matte style is quite eye-catching! Much applause for the originality which is why it is not entirely bad!

Wrap up:

  • Full beginner’s set
  • Durable tray
  • Uses seed quilts

Bootstrap Farmer Microgreens Trays

Bootstrap Farmer has some of the most well-known reusable gardening trays in the microgreening community! Their trays have been well-praised for their durability and unique colors which is why they are the Bootstrap Farmer

Bootstrap Farmer microgreen trays are an absolute dream for the mass-grower and the perfect way to begin your journey for the green beginner!

Pro: Durable

  • Uses extra-strength plastic
  • No breakage

Every Bootstrap Farmer tray is made with extra-strength durability to guarantee that their trays will not break! That means you are more than capable of carrying one of these in each hand without the tray bending or smacking them together to get dirt-free while you clean!

Con: Price

  • Expensive

Bootstrap Farmer is the most expensive option on the list which makes it look unappealing compared to some of the other microgreens gardening trays, however, it is a long-term investment that will pay off!

Pro: Variety

  • Color choices
  • Design/model options

Bootstrap has a wide variety of tray types and colors to choose from like blue, yellow, and even a rainbow set which is why they have the best microgreen trays around!

Pro: Design

  • Raised center

The slight elevation in the middle of the microgreen growing trays helps water stay evenly distributed even after soil has been added! All your crops will get watered evenly and as your trays begin to age over time, you will not see tragic results.

Pro: Bulk Buying

  • Bulk tray buying options are available
  • Up to 30 trays in one pack!

Bootstrap Farmer is reasonably priced and offers bulk purchasing which makes it the ultimate win and an obvious for the top ten best microgreen trays. It is so important that you can bulk buy your trays because once you find a tray you love, you should be able to fill your whole greenhouse with them!

Wrap up:

  • The shallow trays are durable.
  • There are plenty of color choices to choose from.
  • Bootstrap Farmer is affordable.

True Leaf Market ECO Compostable Plant Growing Trays

True Leaf Market ECO Compostable Plant Growing Trays are single-use growing trays that can be used to grow all your favorite microgreens! These revolutionary trays are the perfect, eco-friendly way to dip your toes into the world of microgreens which is why they are without a doubt one of the top ten best microgreen trays!

Pro: Design

  • Eco-friendly
  • Made from molded paper
  • Good for a single-use

Because your ECO growing tray is fully compostable, this is a great practice for someone who wants to try microgreen growing without the attachment of tray graveyards. In other words, you can grow microgreens without having plastic bins pile up if they break or you lose interest.

The True Leaf ECO Tray is made from molded paper which means you put them in your compost bin and break them down after one use, hassle-free. The ECO compostable tray is slightly smaller than the standard plastic tray and fits easily inside your regular 1020 which means you can place it conveniently inside other plastic trays for additional support.

Cons: Durability

  • Not durable
  • Only one use

It should come as no surprise that your compostable tray made of molded paper is not as durable as plastic ones. Unfortunately, your trays can only be used one time before they will need to be disposed of.

Still, the ECO growing trays by True Leaf will remain sturdy throughout their first use despite their composition. You should not use the microgreen trays a second time!

Pro: Price

  • Affordable
  • Good deals

True Leaf Market is all about providing their growers the best products for the lowest prices all because they care about your growth! You can purchase a pack of five ECO growing trays for less than $30 which is an absolute steal!

Cons: Size

  • Smaller than standard growing tray

The 19” x 9” trays are smaller than standard microgreen dishes which makes this growing tray slightly inconvenient to anyone with an already existing garden. On the plus side, their small size makes them fit easily inside any brand’s hard, plastic casing for additional protection!

Wrap up:

  • True Leaf Market trays are completely compostable.
  • The trays dry quickly and have a lower chance for mold
  • ECO trays are durable and eco-friendly

GROWNEER Growing Trays

Growneer Growing Trays are sleek, plastic trays that make starting your seeds’ growth easy as a breeze! These remarkable trays come in a dozen packs and are ideal for anyone wanting a heavy-duty tray with plenty of water retention!

Growneer growing trays also include a dozen colorful plant labels to make plant type identification easy and fun!

Pro: Price

  • Affordable

Growneer produces affordable trays that are anything but cheap. In fact, these are some of the least expensive trays on our least and they are an Amazon #1 Best Seller, which says a lot about a product! For less than $25, you can purchase a dozen Growneer growing trays!

Con: Size

  • Too small
  • Not standard size

The Growneer 11 x 15 trays are slightly smaller than your average 10 x 20 microgreen gardening tray. So, growers adding on to existing gardens should be aware that these dimensions are not standard and will therefore not look the same as trays you have purchased before.

Pro: Bulk Buying

  • Bulk buying is an option

If you are looking to start your garden, Growneer is perfect for you! They sell all orders in bulk which means for the same price as a more expensive brand, you can get enough trays to start your whole garden!

Con: Bulk-Buying

  • Bulk buying is the only option

Growneer only sells in bulk which means if you are looking to replace single trays, this is not the best choice for you.

Wrap up:

  • Affordable
  • Colorful plant labels

 Wild Green Fingers Plant Growing Tray

Wild Green Fingers plant growing trays are sleek medium-sized microgreen trays. They are built to last, with a reusable plastic that does not warp or sag so you can make the most of your growth! Wild Green’s plastic trays can be used for numerous seasons and are a great long-term investment without the initial hefty cost!

Pro: Design

  • Small trays
  • Good for personal growing
  • Consistent watering design

Wild Green growing trays are smaller than your standard microgreen tray which can be beneficial for numerous reasons. If you are only growing your microgreens for personal consumption, then having a small tray can be much more reasonable than a massive tray.

It is simple if you do not eat what you grow (or give it to someone who will) then it is going to go bad! Finding a smaller growing tray like the Wild Green Fingers growing tray is a helpful way to grow microgreens without wasting anything!

The grooves (or should I say lack of grooves) in the Wild Green growing trays are designed specially to keep water from pooling or gathering. It is a helpful feature that guarantees all-over consistent watering and the best crop care.

Con: Size

  • Smaller than the standard microgreen tray
  • Deep Tray

Wild Green growing trays is 14½” x 9” which makes it one of the smallest microgreens growing trays on our list. Additionally, the depth of the Wild Green microgreen growing trays makes it difficult to harvest your microgreens.

Pro: Bulk Buying

  • Bulk buying available

The Wild Green growing tray only comes in bulk which is great for folks looking to grow their collection (literally).  Their bulk prices are reasonable, however, their sizing is inconsistent with the standard microgreen tray which can be a downfall if you are adding on to an already existing garden. If you are a beginner, worry not!

Wrap up:

  • Smaller than standard size
  • Bulk buying available
  • Wild Green is a deep tray

EcoSprout Seed Tray

EcoSprout Seed Starter Tray is the most heavy-duty reusable microgreen tray money can buy. This tray is a perfect example of what every gardener should be using to grow their microgreens!

If you love microgreens but constantly find yourself breaking trays, then it is time to try something a little heavier duty like the EcoSprout Seed Tray!

Pro: Design

  • Durable
  • BPA-Free
  • Standard size
  • Comfortable

The heavy-duty, BPA-free plastic of EcoSprout Seed Starter Tray is durable and can withstand up to 50 pounds! That means even when your microgreens are fully watered and mature, this tray can withstand the weight plus more!

The EcoSprout Starter Trays are standard 10” x 20” and shallow so you can fit plenty of them in your apartment or small space. A lot of the time that 1020 design is built to be sturdy –which is good- but a lot of times, with study comes rigid and uncomfortable.

That is not the case when it comes to the EcoSprout Starter Tray which is comfortable and easy on the wrists as you work to maintain your garden!

Con: Price

  • Expensive
  • Discounts on Amazon

The EcoSprout seed starter trays are one of the more expensive options on the list. However, these are a top-rated option on Amazon and with a Prime Membership you can get up to an additional 15% off in savings!

Pro: Bulk Buying

  • Bulk-buying available

Bulk buying is available at up to ten trays for $55. While this is one of the most expensive deals on our list, it is still great to have bulk buying options in case you fall in love with the brand!

Wrap up:

  • Heavy-duty
  • Bulk buying options
  • Standard size


Even though microgreens are arguably the easiest crop to raise, the equipment you use can make a major difference too! That is why you need to take the time to research the right tray for you! Find one that will suit your growing style and get started!

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