10 Ways To Remove White Spots On Cucumber Leaves

Are your Cucumber plants not producing large, plentiful fruit? Have you noticed a reduction in their size and growth? Are white spots present on the leaves, stems, or flowers of your Cucumber plants? These signs suggest your plants are infected with powdery mildew.  Powdery mildew disease is a fungus that infects vegetable plants. White powdery … Read more

How Much Water Does A Cucumber Plant Need Per Day

Cucumbers, scientifically referred to as Cucumis sativus, are related to watermelons, zucchini, and pumpkins. They grow on vines that sprawl across the ground and can grow around 9-12 inches. But do you know how much water a cucumber plant needs per day? Cucumbers need consistent watering to be properly taken care of. They require at … Read more

How Long Do Cucumbers Take To Grow

Cucumbers can make a great addition to a vegetable garden, especially in sunny and warm climates. The crisp, cool cucumber is great raw but is also a mainstay for gardeners looking to preserve or pickle their Summer bounty. Cucumbers generally take between 50-70 days to mature and bear fruit. Weather and soil temperature impact how … Read more

Growing Cucumbers On The Ground

Cucumbers are a refreshing and perfect snack during the summer months. It can be intimidating for new gardeners to have this addition to their garden, but growing cucumbers right in your backyard is much easier than it may seem. But should they be grown directly in the ground? The best option to grow cucumbers is … Read more

Cucumber Leaves Turning Yellow

Cucumber leaves can turn from green to yellow due to a number of reasons. While this can be frustrating and worrying, it is important to determine the cause of this so that you can take immediate action and fix the problem. So why do cucumber leaves turn yellow? This may happen due to inconsistent watering, … Read more