Are Peace Lilies Bad For Allergies (& 4 Allergy Prevention Tips)

Choosing the perfect plant to decorate your home with is hard. This decision is even more crucial if you suffer from allergies to avoid sneeze days and even some life-threatening allergic reactions. When talking about houseplants, the exquisite low-maintenance Peace Lilies come to mind. However, despite their attractive foliage and ability to purify the air, … Read more

​​Can Peace Lilies Survive Outside (5 Things To Consider)

Peace lilies are well-known for their beautiful foliage and attractive white spathe that surrounds the flowers which grow on a spadix. These perennial plants, also called “the spathe,” are originally from the tropical areas of the Americas and Southeast Asia. Peace Lilies are one of the most popular indoor plants. However, these exquisite plants also … Read more