Do African Violets Like To Be Rootbound (& Is It Good For Them?)


African Violets are amazing plants. They provide gorgeous blooms, and they can flower all year round. But, they’re different than many others because, once root bound, they produce full blossoms in shades of blue, purple, violet, lavender, and pink. While African Violets do like to be root bound, they shouldn’t stay that way too long. … Read more

Why Are Your African Violets Roots Above Soil?


When an African Violet’s roots are above the soil, the plant is distressed and needs to be repotted. A simple repotting, done correctly, will fix the roots, so they are able to function properly below the soil level. African Violets are a popular house plant due to their low maintenance and beautiful flowers, but sometimes … Read more

Do African Violets Like Coffee Grounds?


Do African Violets Like Coffee Grounds? African violets do like coffee grounds. Coffee can add acid to the soil, which some plants seem to thrive on, African violets being one of them. Keep reading to see how you can use this method for your African violets. Why Should I Use Coffee Grounds? Your African violet … Read more

Do African Violets Like To Be Crowded


They do need that crowding to bloom, but they can get too crowded, and that is not healthy for the plant. African violets can become root bound if they are too crowded, and they will stop blooming. Then they will need to be repotted. Below, you’ll find out what to do when your plant is … Read more

Why Do African Violet Leaves Droop

There are many different causes for your African Violet’s leaves to droop, including overwatering, too much sunlight, and excessive heat. The African violet is a popular houseplant, but many times this delicate plant will wilt and die quickly if not cared for properly. Let’s discuss some of the common reasons that your African violet’s leaves … Read more

Do African Violets Like To Be Misted

African Violets come from tropical rainforests in East Africa, but presently they have become popular house plants among beginner and experienced green thumbs, and it’s for a good reason. They are generally comfortable in temperatures that are comfortable to us, so we can keep them indoors annually without a problem. These violets also bloom all … Read more

How To Get African Violet Leaves To Rebloom


There are many tactics to influence your African Violets in blooming properly. One of the most important factors in getting African Violets to bloom is the amount of sunlight. Giving your African Violets at least four hours of sunlight in the morning and four hours at night is critical. Continue reading the remainder of this … Read more

5 Reasons Your Sunflower Has Multiple Heads!

You may have always believed that sunflowers only grow one head at a time. But this isn’t the case! It’s entirely possible for sunflowers to grow multiple heads, and in actuality, there are some evolutionary advantages to this! In this article, you’re going to find out all the different reasons sunflowers can grow multiple heads, … Read more